Mom & Baby Yoga

Mom and baby yoga is a great way to strengthen your core, improve your posture, relax your body and mind and also improve your bonding with your baby. During the mom and baby yoga, we don’t just strengthen our body and mind but also stimulate the babies’ bodies and brains. We implement practices both to make the core, back muscles, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles stronger and help the neck, shoulders and rest of the body to relieve some tension. In the meantime, you learn short massage and yoga routines for your baby which you can implement at home.
One of the most important things during the classes are responding to your baby’s needs. These could be nursing, feeding or sleeping 🙂
Besides all these, we know that spending a whole day alone with a baby at home can make us feel very lonely sometimes. These classes are a perfect opportunity to meet with other moms and spend time together.
The classes last around 45 minutes. After the class, we spend somewhere around an hour to have some conversation and enjoy each other’s company with some healthy snacks.
The classes are divided into 2. First class is for the babies from 2 months old to crawling. The babies who are crawling actively, start to join the Active Baby class. This class is open to babies up until 16 months old.
Even though you don’t have a prior yoga experience, there is no problem, you can still join to classes. They are open to all levels.


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