Studies conducted show that the mothers-to-be who attend childbirth preparation trainings have lower rates of caesarean section and medical pain relief applications, and a lesser chance to experience postpartum depression compared to the ones that do not.

Of course, every woman has the strength within to give birth. These trainings aim to help you:

– let the power within you emerge,
– improve your self- confidence ,
– give conscious decisions about birthing by viewing your options

You can follow the forthcoming trainings here.

Even though I give trainings in Ankara only for the moment, if you do not have the chance to attend to these trainings in the city that you live in, I am offering the opportunity to get these trainings at the comfort of your house through Skype. All you need is a good internet connection!

My goal with these service which is the first in Turkey is to be able to help the parents-to-be to be able to benefit from these trainings if they can not reach to these trainings in the cities that they live in. You can see the content of the trainings in the Chilbirth Classes link. Skype sessions will last long 4 hours as they will be done only with one couple. In order to get detailed information, you can reach me through my email or mobile.




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