To have a wonderful start to the summer, come and join us to our yoga holiday in a location where the sea and mountain view is gorgeous, the foods are incredibly yummy and the rooms are ooh so awesome!!

Date: 15-16-17-18-19 June 2106


Accomodation Cost: Special price for us which is 560 TL including open buffet breakfast and dinner with vegan and vegetarian options.

Yoga Classes During the Holiday: 450 TL (suitable for all levels and both in English and Turkish instructions/dont worry, the English instructions are not just “inhale and exhale” :))

Our holiday will begin on Wednesday-15 June at 1700 and finish on 19 June after the morning yoga and breakfast.

0830-0930 Vinyasa Yoga
0930 Breakfast
Free Time
1700-1800 Yin Yoga
1830 Dinner

Morning Classes:
Every morning we will start the day with Vinyasa classes, short meditation and breathing exercises. In vinyasa classes which the classical yoga poses are bounded with joyful and creative flows, breath awareness is at the forefront. Classes generally starts with warm-up and preparation poses for the muscles and joints to be ready and the energy to flow freely
Classes are all adjustable for any age, level and anatomical structure. You will leave refreshed and centered from the classes which each breath flows with a pose.

Evening Classes:
We will finish the day with Yin Yoga. As a hatha yoga style, Yin Yoga is practiced to balance all other “yang” yoga types, in other words all kinds of activities performed by the muscles. In order to improve their flexibility and thus strength, the muscles are kept rather passive compared to other yoga styles. Sitting or lying positions are held for 3-5 minutes with passive muscles. While yang style yoga applies more to the surface, yin yoga offers to reach deeper in the body (to the deep connective tissues). The time passing in yin poses is similar to that in meditations. Yin yoga is a yoga style that everybody can practice whatever your age, physical strength or the flexibility of your body. It is highly beneficial for very active life styles as it gives the body the chance to open and soften, and release the strain without consuming too much energy.

During the free time you can either choose to stay in the hotel, go into the pool, rest, read or for swimming we can go to Patara, Kalkan or to the Saklikent Canyon or visit ancient cities like Tlos, Pinara, Xantos.

For registration you can send an email to

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