Childbirth Preparation Classes

Mindfulness Based Childbirth Preparation Training

To help you to have a safe and positive birth experience this training will be very interactive and it is not only going to provide you with an environment for you to share your questions, thoughts and fears but also includes detailed information on;

– Inner preparation for the birth and the postpartum

– Stages of birth (how do I understand if my labour has begun, when should we go to the hospital?)

– The hormones of birth and their importance

– The physical sensations that are felt during labour

– Breathing practices during labour and throughout the pregnancy (importance of the breath, increasing breath awareness, breathing practices that can be used during the contractions and the pushing stage)

– Mindfulness practices to learn being present and aware of contractions

– Active birth; position practices to help during labour and contractions

– Including your partner in the birth process, practices of how to give you support during birth

– Hospital procedures and medical interventions and their benefits and risks

– Looking into the options for birth and clarifying your choices

– The most effective ways to communicate with your doctor before birth

– How to turn your birth experience into a pleasant one in case of a mandatory/emergency caesarean section

Every woman has the inner power that is required to give birth. Childbirth preparation training aims to help you to reveal your inner power.

I recommend both mother and father attend this course together. However, you can choose to attend alone or with another relative if you wish to.

This training will be held with the maximum number of 4 couples for an easy and effective communication to be created. (Training will be held with the registration of minimum 2 couples)

Dates: 04 November Saturday

Saturday: 10:00-17:30

Location: Gaziosmanpasa-Cankaya/Ankara (detailed location will be send to the participants)

Participation fee: 450 TL per couple


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