Yoga Teacher Trainings

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training

Both in İzmir and Ankara

The training consists of 2 modules. Modules can be taken together or only one module can be chosen (such as choosing to attend the postpartum yoga teacher training module if the prenatal yoga teacher training is already taken).

This training which is intended for the yoga teachers who had taken or continuing the 200-hour teacher training and who want to support the mothers-to-be with yoga during pregnancy and postnatal phases – a unique period which brings forth both physical and spiritual transformations in every woman- covers the following topics in detail;

– Stages of pregnancy
– Changes in the body
– The miracle of childbirth
– Getting to know the pelvis and the perineum
– The qualifications and the responsibilities of the prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher
– Planning and instructing a safe class
– Basic poses
– Asanas and their modifications according to trimesters
– Frequently seen ailments and healing asanas
– Using yoga props in class
– Pranayama during pregnancy and postpartum period
– Meditation
– Structuring a course
–Changes in the body during postpartum period and problems encountered
– Yoga principles during postpartum period

The training is a total of 45 hours including 32 hours of one-to-one practice and work with the teacher, 5 hours of teaching, 5 hours of observation in class, and assignments.

The students who attend the whole training, and complete the teaching, observation and assignments will be eligible for the certification.

Dates for İzmir

07-08 May 2016

28-29 May 2016

Dates for Ankara

04-05 June 2016

11-12 June 2016

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